Monday, August 2, 2010

Are YOU Dressing Your Truth?

About two months ago, I entered a video for the Dressing Your Truth Makeover Contest. Dressing Your Truth is an incredible company that helps you discover and celebrate your own, unique beauty! It's based out of Draper, UT and was founded by this amazing woman, Carol Tuttle, author and psychotherapist. I'm sure you're all somewhat familiar with "dressing" systems that classify you based on shape (like hourglass or pear-shaped) and color systems that tell you what to wear based on whether you're a "fall" "summer" or "winter" (whatever that means!). I don't know if you've ever tried those out, but it seems to me like they always leave something to be desired; my mom has tried a lot of different "systems" in the past that honestly didn't help her look better or feel better about herself.
Anyways, Dressing Your Truth isn't like those other systems! It's based on the idea that there are four dominant energy types, which are found both in nature and in people. Each of us has characteristics of all four of these types, just like the Earth contains all four of the main elements. However, each of us also has a dominant energy type that we manifest in our daily lives. For example, some people are very still, while others have a very buoyant, animated energy about them.
There are certain colors, clothing textures, jewelry, and even hair styles that honors each of these energy types; the point of Dressing Your Truth is to help people understand what they need to wear to manifest their true energy! Once you understand what "type" of person you are and begin dressing yourself accordingly, you will both feel and look amazing! So many of us dress in the wrong chroma or style our hair in a way that really doesn't express who we are. Often, this is because we're trying to be someone we're not. If you're dressing your truth, your body will look like a natural extension of yourself. Rather than noticing your stylish outfits or your jewelry, people will begin to notice you; the accessories and clothes you wear will compliment you rather than drown you out.
One problem with the current fashion trends is that they teach us how to put on beauty, not how to bring out our own. One main idea of Dressing Your Truth is that there is not just one standard of beauty that we should all strive for. Each of us has our own, unique type of beauty, and rather than trying to attain a type of beauty that isn't natural to us, we need to learn to embrace and celebrate our own type of beauty!
The four types are as follows:
Type 1: Bright, animated
Type 2: Soft, subtle
Type 3: Rich, dynamic
Type 4: Bold, striking

Anyways, back to me. :) My video ended up being a runner-up, so I was one of the lucky prize winners and kind of the poster child for Type 1s, my dominant energy type! I won $250 to the Dressing Your Truth online store (so I can purchase makeup and accessories that will flatter me and honor my true energy!) and even got interviewed on Carol Tuttle's online radio show!

Here's my prize-winning video:

Anyways, I believe really strongly in Dressing Your Truth! I had a pretty cool transformation, but it's nothing compared to a lot of women, one of which is my mom. Since learning to dress her truth, she looks absolutely incredible! I wish I had a before and after picture to show you! Dressing her truth has also allowed her to start living her truth, as she's more comfortable with letting her true personality come out whereas before, she always felt she needed to suppress her dynamic nature.
I would recommend going through the Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth online courses to basically anyone. The target audience is mainly 35-55 year-old-women but I also think that learning what looks best on you when you're my age is going to be so helpful!

If you're interested in finding out more, just shoot me a message! I'd love to give you more information.
If you want to check out the websites or purchase the program, here are the links:
(If you end up deciding to purchase the courses, I'd appreciate it if you did so from these links, since I'm an affiliate and that will help me out as well!)

Good luck! Hopefully next time I run into you, you'll be dressing your truth! ;)

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